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HR Officer Job Description

As an HR Officer your role will be to ensure that the right level and experience of employees are in place within the organisation. This includes ensuring that appropriate training and development opportunities are available to enhance individual performance and promote the aims of the business.

The role also includes various aspects of the HR discipline including equality and diversity matters, negotiating with external agencies, dealing with pay and reward, and participating in recruitment campaigns.

HR Officers can specialise in a specific area or work across the entire HR discipline. For example, individuals may be involved in specific areas of the HR function such as training, employee relations, or health and safety.

We have outlined some of the generic responsibilities this job role entails below. Bespoke job descriptions are designed for each vacancy registered with us, and specific duties will be stated in direct relation to your business, and the interlinking roles and responsibilities around your existing company structure.


Download complete HR Officer job description editable template (MS Word)