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HR Officer Salary Guide

Our salary survey has been put together in order to help companies or candidates decide what the market rate is for an HR Officer within 53 UK regions.

When deciding what salary to pay you should always seek expert advice from a specialist HR recruitment professional who will be able to advise on any latest trends. The HR Officer salary guide is just that (a guide) and when deciding what to pay there are many factors that will impact where your salary should be in relation to the average. Such factors can be:

• The sector, some industries pay more than others
• The exact geographical location of the role within the region
• The overall calibre of candidate required for the position
• A shortage or oversupply of candidates
• Prior experience in a similar role
• Qualifications of the candidates
• Whether the candidate is being enticed from their existing position
• The additional benefits you offer
• Certain additional personality traits
• Personal salary expectations of a particular candidate

Our UK HR Officer Salary Guide is split into 53 regions and can be downloaded via the link below.

Download the complete UK HR Officer Guide (PDF)

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