Why Emma Redshaw, our NW HR Recruitment Specialist, wants to do things differently ….

November 22nd 2016 | Posted by phil scott

Why Emma Redshaw, our NW HR Recruitment Specialist, wants to do things differently ….

The recruitment industry often takes a beating and as a HR professional, and previous job seeker turned professional recruiter I have sat on all sides of the fence and can empathise with the frustrations of all three camps.

That’s why, when I chose to pursue a change of career direction into recruitment, I vowed to do things differently –  to be the kind of recruiter I would have wanted to work with (when I was a HR Business Partner) and be represented by as a job seeker.  I want our outstanding reputation to be what drives our business.

During my HR career my first-hand experience of some recruiters was: pushy, relentless and sales driven.  I often found myself avoiding these types of recruiters, instead, seeking the support of recruiters who took a more personalised approach. This is a key driver for me, I am determined to offer an exclusive quality service to my clients by:

  • Building a successful courteous and professional relationship
  • Understanding the business values and culture of my client’s organisation to help me to find a candidate who is committed to the same business drivers.
  • Acting as an ambassador of my client’s brand, treating candidates with respect in the same manner as an internal recruiter.

In my HR career, I often became frustrated by the recruitment agencies who would see my organisation recruiting and quickly enter in “the CV race,” pushing poor fit candidates forward to be sure they were the first agency to have introduced that candidate. As a HR recruitment specialist, I only accept roles that I am confident I can resource properly, to find a perfect fit candidate with the skills and behaviours needed who will add real value to an organisation.

In my experience as a job seeker, I was often frustrated by the lack of communication from recruitment agencies and so, my pledge to my candidates is to maintain an open dialogue, manage expectations and seek personalised feedback for each candidate who has attended an interview so that they can learn and grow from their experience.

My vision is: to build long term lasting connections with my clients and candidates; to support continued professional relationships built on a basis of mutual trust, and a commitment to providing an outstanding service.

See some recent testimonials from clients and candidates that Emma has recently supported:

Steve – Head of HR – Emma came across as very knowledgeable and experienced, she did not make false promises and had a good understanding of the market.

Simon –  HR Manager – Although I have never felt comfortable at first meetings, I must say that my experience with Emma Redshaw, of HR Recruit was very positive. Emma instantly put me at ease and made me feel relaxed. The registration process with the agency is also very straight forward and easy to navigate.

Debbie – HR Consultant – Emma was extremely professional, friendly and helpful. The process from start to finish has been exceptional and I would highly recommend Emma and HR Recruit for the high level of client service, integrity and professionalism. Thank you.

Karolina – HR Officer – The consultant Emma was very professional and made a really friendly atmosphere during my interview. I felt very comfortable to talk to her. I recommend HR Recruit.