Kingfisher Beer Europe finds the perfect HR Manager

June 20th 2022 | Posted by Phil Scott

With HR Recruit, Kingfisher Beer Europe (KBE) found the perfect HR Manager, taking away the recruiting responsibility from the UK leadership team.

The beer promoter had just undergone a period of substantial change when it became apparent that it needed an in-house HR expert.

When the company grew from 23-48 employees in a period of just 18 months, they knew it was time to appoint a new HR specialist. “It is important to give our team employees a great employee experience,” said Chief Executive Officer, Damon Swarbrick.

“Since our employees had more than doubled, it became essential to find an HR Manager to fill a 6-month, or more, placement of an HR Advisor – someone with the skills and experience to be able to help train their current HR Assistant to eventually take her place. He or she also needed to be a strategist who could help transform the HR department.”

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