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Resignation letter templates for HR professionals

If you are already planning to leave your current role and need some guidance, download our resignation letter templates – tailored for working your whole contractual notice period, asking for reduced notice or if you are unable to work your notice.

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Resignation letter templates for HR professionals

After securing a new position and have negotiated a start date with your new employer, you’re probably thinking about what to say to your employer. We put these resignation letter templates for exactly this purpose.  If you are completing the whole of your contractual notice period, use resignation letter template 1

Alternatively, you may have made up your mind you want to leave and it may suit both parties if you leave before completing your notice period. Resignation letter template 2 is designed for people who require an earlier exit.

Another scenario may be that your offer is conditional of an earlier start date than your notice period. If this is the case, you may not in tend to stick to your whole notice period. If this is your situation, use Resignation letter template 3

Remember that there may be some consequences of not completing your notice period because you will be breaking your contract of employment. If there are financial consequences, your employer may sue you for damages. However, it is difficult to substantiate this financial loss so this does not happen very often.

Here are some prepared templates that HR professionals can use when resigning from their jobs.

Resignation letter template 1 – Working your whole notice

Resignation letter template 2 – Asking for a reduced notice

Resignation letter template 3 – Unable to work your whole notice