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A responsive, quality, cost effective human resources recruitment service from HR Recruit.

HR Recruitment Agency Services

We’re different from other recruitment agencies who partially diversify and venture into HR. Our mix of niche and scope means that we focus purely on professionals within the human resources sector, but with a nationwide coverage. It’s this unique duality that has cemented our position as the experts in our field and the leading HR recruitment agency.

Our specialist knowledge allows us to capture the highest quality candidates at all levels by employing a multitude of techniques, from advertising to attract talent, to networking within the HR community.

Our commitment to sourcing the right candidates for a role leads us to employ a range of techniques, from running HR forums, to headhunting for more defined roles requiring a specific skillset. And it’s this combination of experience and assurance to delivering outstanding results that sets us apart from most HR recruitment agencies relying solely on internet advertising.

Unlike executive head-hunters, HR recruitment agencies don’t charge fees upfront for the time taken to extensively search for the right candidate. We understand that bespoke jobs require more research, interviewing, referencing and even psychometric testing. So at HR Recruit, it’s all part of the service.

And regardless of the methods used to attract the best talent throughout the country, our comprehensively trained and experienced recruitment specialists are dedicated to ensuring that the process flows smoothly and results in success.

It’s this focus on first-class service that has led us to boast one of the most extensive databases of any HR recruitment agency in the UK, made up of active candidates ready for the next career move, suitable for a complete range of companies and sectors, from SMEs to multinationals.

So if you’re looking for expert advice from the leading HR recruitment agency, call us today.