DTB needed a new HR Manager after undergoing a period of growth and needed to transition to a more appropriate HR set up.

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Client Requirement

When textiles manufacturer, DTB’s Human Resources (HR) situation became difficult to manage, they knew they needed to hire an HR professional. The company had grown to around 150 employees across multiple sites before they realised that their current HR set up was no longer appropriate.

“Previously, our HR was overseen by a part-time staff member and a third party support company,” said Ian Ault, Managing Director at DTB.

“This combination wasn’t giving us everything we needed in the period of growth were experiencing. We needed experienced HR professional who could guide us through what we needed and get our HR operations working correctly.

“In the end, I opted for HR Recruit because it’s a specialist with access to quality, local HR candidates in our industry. But I didn’t realise until we met our recruiter just how much care, attention and expert advice we would get and how invaluable HR Recruit would end up being.”

“HR Recruit works very hard to understand your business and your exact needs, which makes a huge difference to the recruitment process.”

Ian Ault, DTB Managing Director

Key Achievements

  • With HR Recruit, DTB managed to find the perfect part-time HR manager with a very fast turnaround.
  • The new HR manger has dramatically transformed areas of the business that desperately needed attention as the business grew. She is a great fit and there is an expectation that she will become a full-time employee.
  • Managing Director Ian Ault was very happy with the level of care, attention, knowledge and information provided by HR Recruit.
  • Ian highly recommends HR Recruit for making the whole process extremely easy from start to finish.

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