HR Business Partner vs HR Manager: How Do They Compare?

June 25th 2024 | Posted by [email protected]

Are you considering strengthening your HR function and wondering whether to hire a HR Business Partner vs HR Manager? While these roles often overlap, there are differences between associated functions and responsibilities.

There are also differences from a salary perspective, with HR business partners earning more on average, £47,000-£52,000, compared to £42,000-£47,000 for an HR manager. You can learn more by reading our salary information for HR managers and HR business partners.

In this article, we will examine the responsibilities associated with each role and help you better understand your hiring needs in this area.

HR Business Partner role and responsibilities

This is a strategic and consultative role. HR business partners work closely with senior management to provide insights into HR performance and planning. The responsibilities of an HR business partner include,

  • Collaborating with senior management to make strategic decisions that support the long-term goals of the business.
  • Talent management planning and strategies for the organisation.
  • Leading organisational change and ensuring transitions are completed smoothly.
  • Designing and implementing performance management systems and processes.

To carry out these responsibilities, HR business partners must be strategic thinkers and excellent communicators. They also need to possess good business acumen and proven analytical ability.

HR Manager role and responsibilities

This is an operational role. HR managers ensure that HR policies and procedures are adhered to and that all aspects of HR administration are completed accurately and within agreed timeframes. The responsibilities of an HR manager include,

  • Implementing HR policies and procedures in the organisation.
  • Managing employee relations.
  • Managing recruitment and onboarding.
  • Ensuring HR operations run smoothly.

To carry out these responsibilities, HR managers must have excellent organisational and problem-solving skills. They should also have proven operational expertise and be detail oriented.

HR Business Partner vs HR Manager: Which do you need?

Whether you need an HR manager or an HR business partner depends on your business’s requirements and strategic direction.

Generally, you should hire an HR business partner if your organisation is focused on transformation and growth and needs a professional to collaborate with senior management to ensure the HR function is aligned with the business’s long-term goals. In contrast, an HR manager is normally the best choice if your business primarily needs a professional who can manage the day-to-day operations of the HR function.

In Summary

While the HR business partner and HR manager roles overlap, HR business partners have a more strategic role to play, while HR managers oversee the HR function. Many organisations find that both roles are beneficial to their operations. The HR business partner concentrates on strategic planning to ensure that the HR function fits with business goals, while the HR manager ensures that the HR function operates smoothly and efficiently and meets organisational needs.

If you have the resources, restructuring to include both roles may make sense for your organisation, especially if you are focused on growth and change and need to ensure smooth transitions.