How to raise the profile of your HR team

December 18th 2019 | Posted by phil scott

How to raise the profile of your HR team

There are many occasions when the HR team in a business is undervalued. Its profile is not as high as that of other functions.

If you are managing an HR team, you need to make sure that this is not the case in your business. In order to raise the profile of your HR team, there are certain steps that you should take.

Be passionate about the work of your team

You cannot hope to manage a successful HR team if you are not passionate about the work that it does. There are several benefits to be had from having this type of passion. These benefits include:

  • Influencing members of your team to have enthusiasm and passion for their work.
  • Making you stand out as an influencer in the business.
  • Encouraging you to drive for success, individually and as a team.
  • Improving your focus, thereby optimising the results that you achieve.
  • Enhancing your ability to be creative and innovative.

These benefits are all integral to helping you raise the profile of your team, in a competitive business environment.

Promote what you do

No-one knows better than you do how important your team is to the business. This is why you are best placed to promote your value. You should share your achievements in senior management meetings, in the company newsletter and on the business Intranet site. You should also take the opportunity to mention achievements during conversations with members of the senior management team. Make sure that you concentrate on the benefits that the accomplishments of your team bring to the business.

Be creative

Innovation is vital to the HR profession. It’s also essential to the success of the business as a whole. For this reason, you need to make sure that you and members of your team think creatively.

Doing so helps your team to introduce new strategies which can help to improve business processes and make them more efficient. Even small creative changes can have a big impact, thereby raising your team’s profile.

Do not be afraid of feedback

Feedback should not be seen as something to be feared and you should not react negatively if the feedback that your team receives is less than positive. Even if it feels as though people are criticising your work, you should react positively.

You need to ask for clarification on any issues. This helps you to make any changes that are necessary and improve your processes. Reacting in this way gives a good impression of your team and helps to improve its profile.

Ask others to promote your qualities

The feedback you receive is likely to be good as well as not so good. When you receive feedback that recognises the excellence of your work, you should ensure that you get the optimum amount of benefit from it.

Ask people who value your work to pass the word on to others. This type of word of mouth promotion of your efforts is extremely valuable when you are trying to raise the profile of your team.

These steps all help to improve the way your HR team is viewed within the business. They help to display the value that is provided by the work that you do.

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