Considerations around employee wellbeing as lockdown eases

July 9th 2021 | Posted by phil scott

Considerations around employee wellbeing as lockdown eases

As lockdown rules relax, and businesses reopen, or adapt their working practices again, top HR professionals are ensuring that employee well-being is the centre of their focus.

This includes facilitating a return to the workplace and/or taking onboard practices such as hybrid working.

Experienced HR managers know that they have a responsibility to ensure employees feel secure and comfortable. They also recognise how essential employee wellbeing is to protect the performance of the organisation overall.

The value of employee well-being

One of the main benefits of promoting well-being within an organisation  is that it reduces occurrences of stress and illness in the workforce. It also improves employee engagement which is essential to enable organisations to successfully recover after what has been a very difficult period.

As a result of these benefits, the best HR managers know that they have a responsibility to individuals and the overall business to facilitate the well-being of employees during this time of change.

There are several factors that knowledgeable and experienced HR professionals consider in order to do this.

Facilitating the well-being of employees

At the centre of protecting employee well-being is the requirement to communicate with the workforce. Reputable HR professionals ensure that people know what to expect as lockdown relaxes, in terms of how this affects their work environment. This necessitates communicating clearly; digitally and face to face.

Communication is not just about how it’s done but also about the message that is conveyed. Professional HR teams ensure that rules and expectations are completely clear so that employees understand precisely what is expected of them.

These rules and expectations are consistent in organisations that are invested in ensuring employees remain engaged and supportive. This is in turn promotes an environment where consideration of well-being is a core feature.

Overall, anyone working within an organisation should feel secure and comfortable about what is happening around them. HR experts make sure that this is the case.

Training staff who are returning from furlough

If people are returning to the workplace after being furloughed, they need to feel secure in their work and environment. This includes being comfortable in carrying out their duties.

Experienced HR and training professionals know that training and awareness sessions play and important part in this. This can include a refresher course or may involve more complex training needs if processes and procedures have changed significantly.

Whatever the overall training requirements are deemed to be, HR teams have a responsibility to ensure that the results are successful and allow individuals to return to their working routines in a way that makes them feel comfortable and supported. This helps to protect their well-being in the short and long term.

These considerations are all at the forefront of HR operations as lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted. They promote well-being in the workplace and help people feel happier and more secure as their working life continues to evolve along with the pandemic. This benefits every individual and the organisation overall.

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