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Why People Managers are Busier Than Ever at this Difficult Time


Why People Managers are Busier Than Ever at this Difficult Time


Many people are finding themselves furloughed or without work during the current global pandemic. However, for a lot of HR professionals life is busier than ever.

Given the nature of their work, HR managers, and their teams are finding themselves at the forefront at much of the work that is going on to help businesses and individuals through the crisis.

There have been a myriad of different challenges to overcome, such as ensuring the implementation of safe working practices in businesses that have remained open. These challenges have presented a learning experience for anyone in the people profession. After all, no-one has previous experience of the current situation.

The vital role of the HR professional during the pandemic

It’s clear to see just how vital HR professionals are at this current time. Many of them are putting in long hours of hard work in order to make sure that organisations can adapt and employees can be protected.

This has to be done against a background of making sure that businesses are in the best possible position to recover and scale up when the health crisis starts to abate. When providing advice and support in this area, HR managers need to be fully aware of the ethical, financial and legal implications that are involved.

Working together at a challenging time

One of the best things that has emerged from this challenging environment is the way that the HR profession has come together. Professionals are sharing case studies and knowledge with each other, so that they can spread knowledge where it’s needed. They are also helping to keep each other motivated through the challenges that surround them.

One of the biggest challenges that exists is the sheer volume of ever-changing information that has to be navigated through. This is where advice and support from peers can be so useful. HR professionals who have dealt with a certain situation can help others develop an understanding of what to do. This takes some of the pressure off at a time when those working in HR are having to deal with their own concerns over family and friends as well as a pressurised work environment.

Helping employees to deal with the situation

Obviously, the biggest reason that HR professionals are so pressurised right now is that they need to help employees to deal with their new working situation. For instance, this could involve addressing furloughing issues or dealing with remote working problems. There are three areas which are of particular importance to HR managers and teams during the pandemic.

1. Communication

It’s more important than ever that businesses communicate with employees clearly and carefully. HR managers need to make sure that all communications are prompt, correct and transparent.

2. Working from home

For many companies, working from home provides the best way forward. This may continue after the pandemic as well as during the crisis. With this in mind, HR professionals need to ensure that workers have the tools, knowledge and support necessary to make this happen.

3. Taking care of employees’ mental health  

Taking care of employees’ mental health while they are in work has always been an important consideration for HR managers. However, there are undoubtedly more challenges at the current time as people struggle to deal with the uncertain environment around them.

There are clear reasons why HR professionals are busier than ever right now. They have an important role to play in helping organisations and employees deal with the current pandemic and emerge on the other side.

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Date Posted: May 13th 2020

Posted By: Jo Thompson