How might Brexit affect HR and recruitment?

January 3rd 2019 | Posted by phil scott

How might Brexit affect HR and recruitment?

Whether the UK finally plans to leave the EU family or not, pre and post-Brexit HR challenges continue to haunt employers and employees alike.

The employment laws and regulations are likely to change quickly which will create troublesome employment situations for each and every business organisation operating in the UK.

The climate of fear and uncertainty and employment insecurities following the execution of a Brexit deal is impacting the whole UK job market.

Many employers and HR professionals fear Brexit may derail the entire employment balance. This will also have a negative impact on the overall employment within the UK as well as EU migrant workers working in the UK.

Business owners, HR professionals and HR recruitment agencies are rightfully concerned about what Brexit will mean to them, and their employees.

Here are some of the HR and recruitment Brexit fears businesses and employers need to consider:

Employment Law

Several changes to employment laws and regulations have been proposed to alleviate the potential problems Brexit could bring. These include changes to working time regulations, anti-discriminatory rights, increase in National Minimum Wage and family leave entitlement.

However, while some proposed changes in the UK employment laws have widely been accepted, others have not.

Some changes such as the increase in the National Minimum Wage and relaxation in shared parental payments have increased the burden on UK employers in general.

Employees are also worried about their job security because of the volatile employment situation currently facing the UK.


The change in the status of EU nationals as a result of Brexit may push many some migrate outside of the UK. Hiring EU employees could also now be a much more complex process.

Job Market

Brexit uncertainty is driving some employers and HR professionals to abandon their projects, minimise their expenditures, and freeze hiring initiatives.

Businesses and employers may rely on temporary employees and hiring fewer full-time employees. Why? Because they are unable to understand the impact of Brexit on the job market

Brexit is disrupting the whole employment supply and demand balance could result in a serious blow to organisations operating in the UK seeking to hunt the right talent and skills.

Neither employers nor HR professionals or HR recruitment agencies are able to get a clear picture of the UK job market following Brexit.

Despite all HR and recruitment related Brexit fears and worries, HR leaders, employers, and HR professionals are fighting back to maintain an ideal employment scenario in the UK.

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