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HR Advisor CV Template

Are you looking for an HR Advisor CV template? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve put together an example HR Advisor CV for you to use when looking for your next role.

To put this together, we’ve looked at many sample CVs from previous HR Advisor candidates we have worked with and this document details the best bits.

The part of your CV that you cannot influence is your standard information, e.g. contact details and education. However, how you display your career history needs careful consideration. We have mapped out our suggested layout in our HR Advisor CV example. Each job position should detail dates of employment, employer name, and job title. Including a description of what the company does will help the reader understand the environments you have worked in.

Your role description should be split into 2 subsections of duties and achievements. It is the achievement section that will help you stand out from other candidates. When constructing this section, consider things you have done above and beyond the norm for an HR Advisor position.

It is the extra value that you have delivered that will be appealing to your next employer. To put achievements into context, it is important that, where possible, you quantify these with facts and figures. Our HR Advisor CV template will give you some examples that people have used in the past.

Download our HR Advisor CV example template (MS Word)

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