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How can HR professionals get noticed on their CVs?


How can HR professionals get noticed on their CVs?

Are you an HR candidate looking for your next role? If so, you’ll need to think about how you can positively differentiate yourself from the competition on your CV.

An effective approach to writing a CV is imagining if you were the person recruiting for the role. What would you want to see on a CV and what would make you notice it? A CV is your sales pitch – it can be the difference between getting a phone call straight away and being put to the bottom of the pile.

Being clear about specific experience and how it relates to a particular role is the most effective method for getting your CV noticed. Here are 4 ways to get noticed for your dream HR job.

1. Tailor your CV to the role you apply for

An important first step is to tailor your CV to each type of role you apply for. HR advisor roles would want a focus on elements such as employee relations, HR policies, change management etc.

Other HR experience you have should come lower down your CV.

2. Be specific about your involvement in employee relations

To give your CV the maximum chance of success, it’s prudent to be explicit when explaining your involvement in employee relations cases. That could include whether you lead the disciplinary or grievance processes or if you were supporting it.

3. Detail the volume and variety of your experience

Be clear about how much work you have taken on and the scope of what you have been involved in.

For example, if there are two identical CVs with one candidate managing more employee relations cases, it could make the difference between getting an interview and losing to another candidate.

Or, for a role that involves recruitment, saying you are responsible for end-to-end recruitment is easy, but talking about how many roles you typically recruit for at any one time, how you attract talent and for which departments, will likely get you much further.

4. Be clear about your relevant HR qualifications

Always put your HR qualifications on your CV (such as CIPD or CIPP) but also discuss your intentions to undertake further qualifications.

Be prepared to back these up in an interview so you can give your employers an idea of your ambition and career development plan. If your degree is specific to HR, remember to include any modules that are relevant to the job.

Ultimately, remember that a well-written, tailored CV, which targets the specifics of the role, is more likely to get you an interview.

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Date Posted: October 1st 2018

Posted By: Phil Scott