HR directors earn nearly £25k less than finance directors

October 4th 2019 | Posted by phil scott

HR Recruit figures reveal that HR directors earn nearly £25k less than finance directors

HR directors earn nearly £25,000 less than their financial counterparts, according to recent figures published by recruitment company HR Recruit.

Recent figures obtained from top executives across the UK suggest that finance directors earn significantly more than HR directors.

Salary figures obtained from recruitment companies ‘HR Recruit’ and ‘FD Recruit’ in 2019 show that UK HR directors earn an average of £87,759 compared to finance directors, who earn an average of £112,077, nearly a £25,000 difference.

The statistics also showed that there is still a gender pay gap present within HR, with the average female HR director being paid £86,578 and the average male HR director being paid almost £4,000 more at £89,847.

These are averages taken across the UK from a range of figures from directors from different companies.

In addition, there was a significant difference between HR director salaries in the north, midlands and south of England, with an average of £83,173 in the north and an average of £85,595 in the midlands.

The South’s earnings came to an average of £90,500 – over £7000 more than the north.

Phil Scott Managing Director of HR Recruit and FD Recruit said: “The findings show that there is a huge discrepancy between directors in these professions, as well as highlighting the gender pay differences and the north/south divide.

“We intend to publish these figures on an annual basis to compare salaries year-on-year in the future.”

Around 130 HR directors and 1000 finance directors were involved in this study. HR Recruit specialises in recruiting HR professionals across all industries throughout the UK. It is part of Exec Recruit Group, which also includes FD Recruit, Accountancy Recruit, Executive Recruit and Interim Recruit.

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